CDE has embodied QV for market research as an algorithmic mechanism in an intuitive user interface, brought to life in a new mobile tool called weDesign.

weDesign engages respondents in an online web or phone application by which they make trade-offs that reveal their preferences and the passion behind those preferences, thus combining the best of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.  The weDesign system provides a powerful new tool for anyone looking for deeper and more rigorous insights into the hivemind of any target audience. It incorporates contemporary mobile UX (as opposed to conventional market research tools), which enables the respondent to intuitively understand the underlying math using metaphors from the physical world (rubberbands, triangles, etc.) that obey quadratic rules.

Survey respondents have a budget that they allocate quadratically to buy votes for product and service attributes that they might like. The limited budget and quadratic rule cause respondents to answer survey questions in the same careful way that they allocate their household budget among different goods and service. Rather than blowing their whole budget on the one issue that is most important to them, they purchase influence in proportion to how important different categories are.

weDesign forces survey respondents to answer survey questions using the same decision-making process that they use when they create household budgets and shop for goods. This unique approach to market research promises to revolutionize the industry.